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Under Eye Treatment


Under Eye Treatment


Reverse Signs of Aging

As you age, the natural decline in collagen and elastin levels can result in a loss of facial volume, leading to a sallow and hollow appearance. Deep tear troughs under the eyes may contribute to a tired and aged look. At Rejuve Anti Aging, we provide a customized tear trough lightening procedure designed to boost natural collagen production and effectively reverse the visible signs of aging.

Refresh Your Eyes

The goal of tear trough treatment is to alleviate the hollow appearance of the tear trough, as its depth can accentuate under-eye lines and darkness. Through this non-surgical approach, dermal fillers are strategically injected into the area, augmenting volume beneath the under-eye region. This process results in a fuller and tighter skin appearance, with a slight stretching effect that minimizes fine lines under the eyelids, ultimately leading to facial rejuvenation.

Tear trough lightening can improve the following:

How does tear trough lightening work?

Before the treatment commences, the patient’s tear trough area is meticulously assessed to evaluate the texture and thickness of the skin above the cheek, determining the most suitable type of dermal filler for achieving the desired outcome. Once approved, the under-eye region is sterilized to prevent any infections, followed by the application of numbing cream on both sides to minimize pain and reduce the risk of bruising.

Subsequently, a cannula loaded with premium dermal filler is meticulously prepared and injected gradually through a single entry point on each side of the under eyelid, ensuring thorough coverage beneath the skin. This approach minimizes the risk of bruising, swelling, and vascular complications. Patients are advised to abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages for a couple of days before the treatment to mitigate the likelihood of significant bruising and swelling.

One of the primary advantages of non-surgical tear trough treatment is that patients remain awake and engaged throughout the procedure, witnessing and experiencing the transformative changes firsthand. Following the filling of both tear trough areas and thorough massage to distribute the filler evenly, patients can observe instant results. The under-eye area appears revitalized and rejuvenated, with no downtime or significant swelling or bruising, enabling individuals to resume their daily activities with minimal disruption. The treatment typically lasts no longer than 10 minutes, and most patients report experiencing little to no discomfort.

Benefits of tear trough lightening:

How many treatments do I need?

During your consultation, we will inform you if your chemical peel involves peeling during recovery. Typically, peeling occurs 3 to 5 days after treatment. Once peeling begins, it’s crucial to apply sunscreen every few hours to prevent hyperpigmentation. Throughout the recovery period, it’s advisable to refrain from activities like saunas, baths, hot showers, and hot tubs for about 14 days.

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Rejuve Anti Aging is a premier medical spa and wellness center dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their aesthetic objectives. Our expert medical providers customize personalized treatment plans to enhance volume in the under-eye areas and fill out tear troughs effectively. Prior to any treatment, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation to prioritize safety and optimal outcomes. Schedule an appointment today to discover more about our tear trough lightening services.

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