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LEDLight Therapy

LED Light Bed Therapy

Led Light Therapy At Rejuve Anti Aging

As part of our array of advanced therapeutic technologies, Rejuve Anti Aging is delighted to introduce Led Light Therapy, also recognized as Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy. Light symbolizes hope in life, and through Led Light Therapy, we facilitate rejuvenation and restoration of the body, mind, and soul. The profound Led Light Therapy penetrates your skin, muscles, deep tissues, joints, and cells, aiming to expedite healing and recovery processes beyond the natural capacity of your body.

What Is Light Therapy

Led Light Therapy harnesses specific wavelengths of light to activate cells throughout your body, penetrating deep layers of the skin without adverse effects. While the science behind Photobiomodulation (PMB) may be intricate, the process itself is straightforward. Immersing your entire body in our Led Light Therapy device administers therapeutic light wavelengths across the electromagnetic spectrum, eliciting a profound cellular response. This energy delivery to your cells triggers healing, alleviates pain, and promotes collagen production. It’s an integral part of our dedication to enhancing your confidence and enabling you to achieve your optimal self—mind, body, and soul.

Blood Circulation
Capillary Restoration

Cell Restoration Elasticity Enhancement

Activate Mitochondria

ATP Synthesis Nitric Oxide (NO) Production

Maintain Hormonal Balance

Increase Body Temperature

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee specific results and results may vary from person to person

Harnessing the Power of Light

The NEO Light Therapy Bed operates on the principle of photobiomodulation, which refers to the physiological changes that occur in response to specific wavelengths of light. When these wavelengths are absorbed by light-sensitive cells in the skin, it triggers a series of chemical reactions that result in therapeutic benefits.

Photobiomodulation is a proven and safe technique used to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall health. By utilizing various colors (wavelengths), the NEO Light Therapy Bed activates rejuvenating biological processes within different layers of the skin, promoting accelerated healing and tissue regeneration.

How Does It Work?

In just 8 minutes, the NEO Light Therapy Bed cycles through three different light therapy modes to deliver the most effective healing for lasting relief and long-term wellness.

Mode 1 | Restore

Restore In this mode, each session starts with the application of red and infrared light, which deeply penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue. This stimulates the body’s innate healing and restorative processes. Specifically tailored for addressing injuries and pain stemming from physical trauma, this mode enhances circulation, boosts mitochondrial activity, promotes cell regeneration, and stimulates collagen production. As a result, patients experience notable alleviation in muscle and joint stiffness, reduction in systemic inflammation, and enhancement in sleep quality.

Mode 2 | Calm

Calm In this phase, the utilization of green and infrared light targets the dermis, the second layer of the skin, to induce a sense of calmness and facilitate healing in the surrounding tissues. Apart from providing clinical advantages such as fewer migraines and decreased sensitivity to light, green light therapy also enhances the appearance of dark spots, evens out skin tone, reduces visibility of capillaries, and revitalizes the skin under the eyes, among other benefits.

Mode 3 | Clense

Cleanse In the concluding phase, a blend of red and blue light is employed to target both the subcutaneous tissue and the epidermis simultaneously. This step aims to improve the overall appearance of the skin by diminishing the presence of bacteria responsible for blemishes. By the end of the session, patients experience notable enhancements in mood, alertness, attention, and focus.

How Long Does Light Therapy Take To Work

We understand that when seeking treatment to improve your appearance and well-being, you want to see results quickly. However, the effectiveness of red light therapy varies based on several factors including the condition being treated, your individual body composition, and the frequency of sessions.

It’s essential to recognize that everyone’s body reacts differently to treatment. The wavelength of light emitted by the therapy bed determines how deeply it penetrates your skin. While red light therapy can start benefiting your body from the first session, optimal results are typically achieved with continued treatments over time. You may notice minor effects immediately, but the most significant improvements usually occur over a period of 3-6 months with consistent visits to Rejuve Anti Aging.

We tailor a personalized plan for each client based on their specific concerns and goals, which includes both initial treatment sessions and ongoing maintenance. Like many non-invasive treatments, achieving excellent and lasting results with red light therapy takes time. Just as conditions develop gradually, effective treatment requires patience and consistency.

Similarly, other aesthetic treatments such as non-invasive Emsculpt Neo also require multiple consistent sessions to achieve the desired long-term results.

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