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Exion vs Morpheus8

Exion vs Morpheus8

Exion vs Morpheus8

Exion vs Morpheus8

Morpheus8 treatment vs. Exion RF Microneedling
The Painful Truth

Two paths to glowing skin, but worlds apart in comfort!


EXION vs Morpheus8, we anticipate this debate will go on for a while. We acknowledge that choosing between Morpheus8 and EXION is a hard decision. Both are quality, effective skin treatments that improve skin tone and texture. In addition, both are minimally invasive treatments with no downtime needed.

While both systems use radiofrequency energy and microneedling techniques, they differ significantly in terms of technology, efficacy, and versatility. The EXION RF Microneedling system stands out as a more advanced and effective choice, especially for facial skin concerns.

Morpheus: It’s gained popularity thanks to an incredibly strategic and efficient marketing approach, but it certainly packs a punch! Imagine a stapler sensation on your face or body – ouch! Would you be willing to endure it again?

Exion: Embrace the gentle touch! No need for numbing, just pure comfort. The delicate needle movements are complemented by AI technology to deliver radiofrequency even deeper, in the most soothing manner possible!



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