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LUMINESCE™ Advanced Night Repair – Wake Up Every Morning Feeling Fresh and Invigorated

luminesce night creamWhy do you need LUMINESCE™ advanced night repair? Well, there is nothing as good and refreshing as waking up feeling invigorated and your skin looking smooth and relaxed. Unfortunately, many of us don’t feel this way in the morning.

In fact, many wakeup with eye bugs (puffiness), the skin will be rough due to excessive sweating through the night, or it may have lost a good amount of moisture content.


This means you having to look for quick fixes early in the morning, and most of them don’t work. And if they do it is only for a short time. So, why don’t you invest in a product that will allow you sleep like a “baby’ and will continue to protect and invigorate the skin through the night. What you need is Advanced Night Repair from Jeunesse.

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About This Product

You probably have heard or read about LUMINESCE™ advanced night repair; but, have you ever wondered what it can do for your skin and general wellness? Advanced Night Repair is one of the trademark products from Luminesce and is manufactured by Jeunesse Global. Made using advanced and patented technology, this skincare product combines several powerful ingredients that nourish as well as protect your skin against environmental change. This is achieved by naturally correcting the skin composition through removal of harmful compounds, boosting production and supply of proteins and lipids, and combating any age-accelerating compounds caused by free radicals and ultra violet (UV) rays from the sun. The product is applied nightly before going to bed by rubbing it on the face, neck or other regions using your finger tips or the enclosed spatula.


advanced night repair

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How LUMINESCE™ Advanced Night Repair Works

Natural ageing occurs when the skin cells and the gel-like compound between the cells starts losing moisture (hydration). The loss of moisture makes the molecular structure of the cells weak and doesn’t effectively absorb essential proteins which include collagen or elastin. Due to this production of new skin cells decline and the DNA is affected. This is what leads to sagging, dry, and dull skin. Extended exposure to UV rays and presence of free radicals also accelerate the ageing process. LUMINESCE™ advanced night repair is designed to combat the negative effects in several ways. Firstly, it boasts the production of essential lipids, proteins and amino acids. Secondly, it eliminates harmful products. Thirdly, it increases the moisture content in the skin cells. Fourthly, it repairs and protects the skin as well as cell tissue.


You don’t have to wake up with tired-looking and unappealing skin. You shouldn’t watch your skin age faster than is normal. Also, you shouldn’t feel ashamed of your skin just because it is riddled with fine lines, sags and wrinkles. What you need is getting a good skincare product that inhibits the negative effects. Advanced Night Repair guarantees you of beautiful and fresh-looking skin everyday you wake up. It will work on your skin by boosting the lipids and proteins, removing dead skin and cells, and also repairs any damaged tissues – all these while you are sound asleep.

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LUMINESCE™ Cellular Rejuvenation Serum – Bring Back the Youthful Appeal

anti aging serumOne of the popular anti-aging products is LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum. The product is designed to slowdown aging as well as deal with factors that cause aging. Since time immemorial, people have always looked for products that can combat aging.

The skin is one of the most affected organs that is affected by aging .This occurs when free radicals in the body affect the production of proteins such as elastin and collagen. This leads to the skin not only losing its elasticity but also radiance and smoothness.

Many products have been developed over the years to slowdown aging. They work by reducing wrinkles, fine lines, eye bugs and sagging skin which are the symptoms of aging. However, cellular rejuvenation serum from LUMINESCE is regarded as among the best products in the market.


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A Bit about Cellular Rejuvenation Serum from LUMINESCE

People seeking to restore the skin’s elasticity, smoothness and radiance turn to LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum. It is made using patented technology that derives growth factor complex from stem cells. The serum penetrates the skin cells and works from the molecular level ensuring that the product will target the causes of aging as well as symptoms. The serum first penetrates deep into the skin cell and helps revitalize the age defying proteins; elastin and collagen. In so doing, the body system is able to produce more protein that will help reduce the wrinkles or fine lines. In fact, is works in a similar manner to botox but is more durable, effective, safe and is non-invasive. Over time, the skin becomes smoother, radiant and also healthier.


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Benefits Of LUMINESCE™ Cellular Rejuvenation Serum

The following are some of the reasons that drive people to purchase cellular rejuvenation serum LUMINESCE™:


– Improves skin appearance by removing wrinkles and fine lines. The results are more permanent compared to other products since the essential ingredients restore the body’s natural way of working.

– In addition to boosting the production of elastin and collagen, the cellular rejuvenating serum also nourishes the skin with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

– It enhances the skin appearance and texture by eliminating the fine lines, pores, wrinkles, and makes the skin more elastic.

– By reducing the free radicals, toxins and opening the pores, the skin is able to breathe much better.

– LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum is hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain any paraben.

-Restores skin hydration (moisture levels) and luminosity

-Painless and safe since it is non-invasive and does not involve any cutting or incision of skin


rejuvenation serum before and after


The above factors explain why the anti-aging serum is preferred by many people. It is fast acting and will remove the aging symptoms in no time, works on different types of skin as well as people of all ages, and has long-lasting effects. Furthermore, the product contains safe ingredients that are highly effective and don’t come with any side effects, it is easily available, and comes from a well-known brand. Nonetheless, it is paramount to make sure the product you use is genuine to be guaranteed of good results.


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