LUMINESCE™ Essential Body Renewal – Repair and Protect Your Skin against Premature Aging

The mention of LUMINESCE™ essential body renewal lotion brings one thing to mind- beautiful and radiant skin. Many people are always searching for the perfect solution to their aging skin. Some want to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines; others want to eliminate the dryness or oiliness, while others simply want to make the skin more radiant. Unfortunately, many are yet to find the right solution. A key secret to improving your skin condition or slowing down aging is using a product that penetrates into the skin cells and starts acting on the compounds that cause aging. The right product will improve and maintain the moisture levels thereby ensuring the skin is properly hydrated at all times. One product that is proving to be effective and reliable is Essential Body Renewal lotion from Jeunesse.

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A Brief Look at Essential Body Renewal from Jeunesse

LUMINESCE™ essential body renewal is manufactured by Jeunesse Global and is designed to be used on dry and aging skin. It is based on breakthrough technology that targets the skin cells and helps improve hydration. Unlike other products of similar nature, this lotion doesn’t alter the body’s way of working but only boosts the bodily functions. For instance, it eliminates any foreign compounds from the skin pores, increases air and blood circulation, and also promotes the production of essential compounds such as proteins and amino acids. Over time, the skin not becomes more taut and elastic due to increase supply of collagen and elastin to the wrinkled zones. Secondly, the skin becomes healthy due to increased supply of nourishment as supply of air and blood improves. Thirdly, cases of dryness and oiliness are minimized due to increased protection against the elements.

Benefits Of LUMINESCE™ Essential Body Renewalrejuvenation body renewal

-Improved Hydration: The lotion boosts the moisture level in/on the skin leading to more effective hydration.

-Better Elasticity: Improved supply of proteins and amino acids makes the skin more elastic and smoother. The product also makes the skin tone more appealing and combats photo-aging.

-Softer Skin: Due to better nourishment skin imperfections such as dryness and wrinkles are reduced leading to smoother and better-looking skin.

-Better protection: Essential Body Renewal safeguards the skin against free radicals, harmful toxins and other environmental causes.

– Stimulates microcirculation: By enhancing the circulation of air and blood, LUMINESCE™ essential body renewal promotes microcirculation within the skin cells.

-Boosts Natural Healing: Well-moisturized skin is more receptive to treatment and easily gets rid of the offending substances such as toxins, itchiness, damaged skin and more.


Essential Body Renewal lotions comes handy in restoring both dry and aging skin. It I made from clinically-safe compounds that will revitalize as well as protect your skin in no time. Considering that it is made from safe ingredients( Aloe Vera , Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Camellia Oleifera Leaf…)cases of side effects are minimal if not nonexistent and makes the product safe for different kinds of skin as well as people of varying ages. It can also be used together with other with other Luminesce products from Jeunesse.

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